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Tarot & Astrology for Transformation

Tarot and astrology offer age-old wisdom that is just as compelling and relevant in our contemporary lives as it was in ancient times.  The trick is in finding what resonates and works best for you and then applying it successfully to your growth.  

Antimony Therapeutic Tarot & Astrology can help you do just that.  Antimony acts as the Hermit, carrying the star-lit lantern into the darkness to guide you as you venture into and then back out of the cave.  The cave represents our inner world and the unconscious.




Our unconscious beliefs wield a powerful influence over our lives, creating stories that fundamentally affect our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world.   These beliefs form as responses to early childhood (or past life) experiences to protect us from overwhelming upset, pain or in some cases, death.  The beliefs form into habits and behaviours that can later on in life, become limiting, stifling, restrictive and sometimes deeply painful.  Without quite knowing why, we experience feelings of anguish, sadness, anxiety, apathy, frustration, anger, resentment or just a general lack of satisfaction and joy.   In other words, we suffer!

The key to transcending this suffering is this;

our patterns give us a sense of security but if they are making us unhappy, we can never truly feel secure, strong or happy.  


For help to shift these patterns or habits, Antimony will guide you through a process with the tarot cards that actively engages your own inner wisdom and guidance.  We can also draw upon your astrology birth chart for additional insights and guidance from the planets, signs and houses that are major influences and aids.  

For more fundamental or transformational change, Antimony uses evolutionary astrology alongside past life and ancestral tarot readings to identify the karmic and ancestral patterns you have inherited and help you identify how they might be playing out in this lifetime.  Simple awareness of this and nothing more can have dramatic effects and release these patterns.  Other times, a breakthrough needs to be followed up with further sessions to support that process of release as well as help channel the energy into more creative, joyful and inspiring ways.  

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life 

and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

Work Environment

How a session works

Sessions are online (via Google Hangouts)

OR in person (Diamond Harbour, Canterbury)


For an online session, all you need is a reliable internet connection and to be in a private, safe space where you can talk openly and uninterrupted for the duration of our time together.    You need to have a webcam on your computer or device so that we can see each other.  The Tarot cards will be shown to you onscreen so please be sure you can view easily.  


Sessions: 60 mins NZD $85

"This was my first tarot reading and I had no idea what to expect. I booked  a session because I was feeling unsure, frustrated, unsettled and needed help.  I asked my question and Anita drew the cards and guided me through their meaning. Where I had doubt and questions before, I now have clarity and deep meaning. I felt understood  by the universe and more secure in moving forward with my life. Thank you so much Anita!", Wendy, Devon, UK

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