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About Me

Hello and welcome, I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Anita and whether it be one off reading or an ongoing magical pathway of transformational soul growth, I would be honoured to act as a guide on your journey.  




If anyone had told me 10 years ago that I would not only dedicate my life to the study and practice of tarot and astrology but also to the spiritual path, I would never have believed it.  I had no spiritual or religious belief, I didn’t practice yoga or know anything about meditation.  I did however have a longstanding passion for philosophy and psychology, both of which I studied in my youth in depth.  I realized as I began to consciously walk the pilgrim's path that I have always been a seeker (Mercury in Sagitarrius in 5th house).    


Like many people, my life worked if not fine, then okay for a long time.  I excelled at academia, organisation and managment which helped secure a decent income (eventually) and I enjoyed a comfortable if beige existence.  Then I hit the middle age years and in true Tower card fashion, a series of crises smashed through my complacency and the tidy, convenient way I'd been living got seriously shaken up.  It also did something else.  The armour that had been placed around my heart, iron strong (Mars in 4th house) got pierced and my heart, it got broken.  The air that rushed into that buried, neglected place was at first so fresh it was unbearable.  But gradually over time, I not only became stronger but in a truer way than ever before, not overplaying my strengths nor hiding my vulnerability.  


On this firm foundation I have been building a house.  My trusted allies in this proess have been tarot and astrology and by engaging wholeheartedly in this process I have been regaining trust in myself and in the world.  We are so conditioned that the light of the soul in many of is all but extinguished.  But I am here as living proof that there are ways to rekindle that flame and to keep the home fires burning. 

From one radiant heart to another, all is well, all is well and all is well.  




Formal teachings & qualifications

Certified Transformative Tarot Counseling TM  professional 
Wayfarer of the Beyond
Member Cosmic Intelligence Agency Academy
Essentials of Vedic Astrology with Sam Geppi

Signs, Aspects & Nakshatras & Yogas
Vedic Moon Consciousness & Karma

Quantum Vedic Astrology

Rahu/Ketu Befriending the Shadows of the Nodes
Mastering your Astrology Chart with Molly McCord
Evolution Soul Psychology with Mark Jones

BA Hons Philosophy (Class I)
Graduate Diploma Psychology (Distinction)
Intuitive Counselling, Level 1
150+hours training Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
Moon Goddess Mystery School Initiation Level
Certificate in Facilitating Contact Therapeutic Dance





What is antimony?

Engaging with the symbolism of myths, archetypes and eternal truths, tarot activates a process of alchemy; a magical process of creation and transformation.   

In the golden age of alchemy during the Middle Ages, 'Antimony' was a metallic substance that was used to purify gold.  It became known as Lupus metallorum, the ‘Wolf of Metals’ because, like a wolf, it ‘devoured’ the base metal contaminates so that only the gold was left.

Grey wolf has become a beloved animal totem on my own journey; powerful yet protective, wildly independent yet loyal and nurturing, at once fierce and  incredibly gentle.   

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