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Holly, New Zealand

"I found Anita's reading a therapeutic and enriching experience. This was my first time having a reading done, and Anita is fantastic at explaining and guiding the process, and really put me at ease.

The reading allowed me to think deeply about aspects of my life, and consider things from new angles. I found the reading a great way to unlock feelings and allow the cards to guide me on a new journey. I came away from the experience energised and with a feeling of harmony.

I would definitely recommend a therapeutic tarot reading by Anita to anyone, whether you have questions about decisions in your life or future, or a curiousty for a new experience and food for thought."

Helen, New Zealand

"My reading with Anita was incredibly powerful and really spoke to me, I have a renewed sense of who I am, my strengths and what could be holding me back from realising my potential. 


Thank you for helping guide me in unlocking my future potential and how to be the best version of 'me', with my career and my life purpose. 


Anita is highly intuitive and provides a safe space for this deep work. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels stuck and doesn't know how to move forward."

Miles, New Zealand

"Anita's tarot reading was not only bang on the money but surprisingly therapeutic. 
As a male seeking practical guidance, I never thought I would say that!"

Juliet, New Zealand

"I didn't know much about Tarot before my reading, but I knew it would be an interesting new experience.

Anita came to our home and read for my partner and I.  We're both torn between living in two different places, so my questions centred around the pros and cons of moving.


After endless hours of discussions about this between the two of us, it was fascinating to introduce the cards into the process. Talking about them with Anita helped me to uncover and better understand some of my feelings about possibly moving to a new country.


I found the experience more affecting than I anticipated, and got quite emotional during one point of the reading - but it was a very positive experience for me.


Whether you're simply curious (like I was) or have lots of experience with tarot, I highly recommend a therapeutic reading with Anita. I was left with no doubt regarding the therapeutic benefits."

Wendy, UK

"This was my first tarot reading and I had no idea what to expect. I booked  a session because I was feeling unsure, frustrated, unsettled and needed help.  I asked my question and Anita drew the cards and guided me through their meaning.

Where I had doubt and questions before, I now have clarity and deep meaning. I felt understood  by the universe and more secure in moving forward with my life. Thank you so much Anita!",

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