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Living the Tarot

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Embedding the tarot into my everyday mundane life has had such an enormous impact that is has taken a long, long time to find the words of how to share this with you. It’s hard to convey just how the tarot seems to touch every facet of life, languidly stretching itself like a sleepy cat into every dusty corner of the house. I look up from my writing desk to see these once dark corners now infused with a soft glow of light.

Sometimes it’s the early morning sun, fresh and carefree, like the Fool setting off over the cliff. Later on, as the fiery Sun has been Tempered by not having all its expectations met, I mature into the evening glow to reflect like a Hierophant on the wisdom the day has harvested.

Overnight though something else takes over that my conscious self plays no part in. The day's observations and events taken in through the lens of my daily tarot reading, metabolise in an alchemical process. Like a gardener working the nutrients of the earth to let in the air, a magic happens.

Nothing could have prepared for me for the profound changes that immersion in the tarot has brought. I’m continually dancing, deep diving, excavating and examining, unravelling and unleashing, courtesy of 78 cards that somehow meet me right where I am whilst also inviting me to become. Along the way, I realise that I have developed a relationship with the cards that is as dynamic and vital as any of my relationships with the people in my life.

Lately, I have also had the realisation that in surrendering to this process, I have developed a new relationship with myself; one that honours who I was as well as who I am becoming. After a lifetime of experiencing self-love as the ability to hide, to shape-shift on a dime in order to appease others, a lifetime of holding back, holding in and holding off, through the tarot I have found a way to commit wholeheartedly to the letting out of all of me.

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