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I'm not going to lie to you.  The truth is no one quite knows how the tarot works!  However, this is what I typically share with clients to help them understand and to dispel some of the myths surrounding the practice of tarot.

The tarot is a divination tool; it can be used to divine a future i.e. give us foresight of what a potential future could look and feel like and it helps us identify the strategy and actions that will support that potential future.  Tarot does not provide 100% accurate 'psychic' predictions of the future, at least not the way I practice it.  This is simply because the future is in no way fixed so no tarot reader (or astrologer, or medium or investment banker!) can predict with absolute certainty what will happen.  

The tarot works as a practice because it provides a glimpse into your unconscious.  Quite how it does this no one is sure but it has something to do with energy and quantum physics, transcending time and space into Kairos (soul) time.  


The unconscious does not lie but it is neither logical nor rational, often working in opposition to what we think we want so that we feel all at sea.  

In quantum physics, matter is made up of both waves and particles at the same time.  Experiments have demonstrated that waves form as particles of matter when they are observed - the so called 'observer effect' - only coming into being, once they are seen, felt or interacted with in some way.  In this way, we are all manifestors creating the world around us as we experience it.  


How each of us experiences the world is unique and complex but shares a basic blueprint.  This blueprint is encoded into the tarot so that we are able to make sense of what a reading tells us.  The cards show you your own subconscious at work and depending on how regularly you engage with the tarot, you will begin to see how you are literally shaping the world around you.

As within, so without.  As above, so below. 

How Tarot Works

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