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Antimony Therapeutic Tarot & Astrology

Tarot and astrology are languages of the soul spoken in symbols that transcend time and space.  Like all languages, they are beautifully constructed systems for understanding ourselves and the world around us better, for navigating the unknown and the great mysteries of the cosmos alongside our own inner confusing, conflicting and contradictory selves. 


But why bother with these ancient languages and what place is there for soul in the modern world and in our busy everyday lives? 



Well, quite simply we are in need.   


We need to be able to make sense of our suffering and our pain and understand how it enriches life and makes noble our character.  


We need to find our place in the greater scheme of things whilst rooting ourselves firmly into the ground of our being. 


We need to restore our faith in ourselves, in each other and in the world by learning how to relate better to ourselves and each other.   


We need to stop playing the victim and start taking responsibility for our own shit. 


We need to clean up our act and bring the sacred back into our everyday lives. 


Our lives need meaning.  We need to be uplifted.      


Astrology and tarot offers us all this and much more.   Give yourself the gift of dedicated time and space to invite your inner wisdom to bring guidance and support.    




A therapeutic tarot or astrology reading is for you if:


  • On a path of self-discovery, healing and growth

  • Know that there is more to life or there’s something more that you are here to be and do than where you are currently at

  • You’re stuck and no matter what you try to do shift or create change, nothing seems to work

  • You want to develop more trust and confidence in your own intuition

  • Curious about what astrology and tarot might reveal about the deeper mysteries of life and about you

  • You have poetry in your soul and are inspired at the idea of living in awe of the beauty of life 

Antimony is currently on a pilgrimage through the lands of ancient European mythology, researching and writing and not offering readings at this time.  Please feel free to get in touch in the meantime.  

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About Antimony 

Antimony is a substance that was used in the Middle Ages in alchemy to extract the gold within base metal.  By drawing on the symbolism of the unconscious in depth psychology, dream work, astrology and by using the tarot as a divination tool, we practice receiving insights, activating our inner knowing, allowing it to ripen within us - a living process that helps us soften into our relationships with self and with others.  A process that supports us when we need nourishment and feeds our growth.


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