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Antimony Therapeutic Tarot & Astrology

Give yourself the gift of dedicated time and space to invite your inner wisdom to bring guidance and support.    

A therapeutic tarot reading is for you if:


  • You want to see what potential and possibilities are lining up for you

  • You'd like to experience more certainty, clarity and confidence 

  • You would benefit from psycho-spiritual support to get through a challenging time 

  • You’re at an important crossroads and not sure which way to choose to move forward

  • You dream of much more for your life than you’re currently experiencing but can’t figure out how to create the life you want

  • You’re stuck and no matter what you try to do shift this feeling, nothing seems to change

  • You feel disconnected from your inner wisdom but know it’s there just waiting to reconnect with you


You may also be:


  • Curious, adventurous or drawn to the deeper mysteries of life

  • On a path of self-discovery, healing and growth (for which the tarot is powerful ally)

  • Longing to understand how your soul is calling to you

  • Searching for your True North

  • Wanting to commit to a more spiritual way of life but are not religious in the traditional sense

Whether you are looking for a one-off reading or on-going support for personal growth and transformation, Antimony Therapeutic Tarot & Astrology can help.   


With in-person, online and email offerings to suit every budget.

Step into your own personal power and embark on an enchanted voyage of discovery!




About Antimony 

Antimony is a substance that was used in the Middle Ages in alchemy to extract the gold within base metal.  By drawing on the symbolism of the unconscious in depth psychology, dream work, astrology and by using the tarot as a divination tool, we practice receiving insights, activating our inner knowing, allowing it to ripen within us - a living process that helps us soften into our relationships with self and with others.  A process that supports us when we need nourishment and feeds our growth.


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